Transport & Logistics

Our experts analyse global trends and risks in transportation and logistics, offering guidance on enhancing transit connectivity and formulating effective strategies and action plans. The range of recommendations we provide in the field of transport and logistics encompasses transport policies, regulations, infrastructure initiatives, and assessments of capacity bottlenecks. We assist clients, among others, to assess investment needs in the sector and identify challenges in inland, maritime and air transportation, supply chain and warehousing.
Our team specialises in devising strategies to accelerate growth and development in the transport and logistics sector, focusing on market-driven reforms tailored to stimulate private sector expansion. We work with governments to assess tariff levels and remove non-tariff barriers to facilitate trade, aiming to attract and integrate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) efficiently into the transport and logistics industry.
Additionally, leveraging our extensive practical experience, we provide solutions to enhance the efficiency and security of supply chains, contributing to the overall improvement of transport and logistics operations.