Public Service & Anti‑Corruption Reforms

Reformatics has world-class experience of designing and implementing modern, efficient and effective public service delivery processes. By applying a range of innovative approaches to service delivery and customer experience components, our consultants excel at aligning customer demand with technical roadmaps and workload forecasting—helping the client to improve quality of service as well as customer communication and satisfaction, and to reduce the cost of providing public services.
Our experts can also help clients explore new sustainable models for service delivery in the public sector that deliver improved user experience and outcomes through advanced and innovative approaches. Reformatics experts have an excellent track-record of not only advising governments worldwide, but also of designing and supplying an innovative made-in-Georgia concept of “one-stop” public service delivery through Public Service Halls, in which hundreds of services are delivered in one space.  
Our skilled experts, who have hands-on experience of the planning and introduction of anti-corruption reforms, can provide governments with a range of advice on how to reduce and eliminate corrupt practices such as bribery and extortion in different sectors of public administration including tax and customs, government services, education and the health sector. Thanks to our unique background and track record of fighting corruption as well as lessons learned from Georgian and international experience, Reformatics can create feasible governance reform agendas adapted to local needs and circumstances. Our advice for anti-corruption reform ranges from in-depth structural and institutional redesign to procedural and legislative reform, helping to either put a stop to existing corruption and/or to prevent future corrupt practices.