Attracting FDI and investor relations

Attracting FDI was one of the Georgian government’s main priorities. A liberal investment environment and an equal approach to local and foreign investors turned the country into one of the world’s most attractive destinations for FDI.

In 2004-2012, Georgia emerged as a global leader in terms of deregulating business environments. This effort was essential for a small, open economy whose future was inextricably linked to its ability to attract foreign investment in a competitive world. In this period of eight years, cumulative FDI to Georgia increased by about 480% compared to the previous eight-year period. More importantly, Georgia has a highly diversified FDI structure based on both sources of FDI and the sectors in which FDI inflows are registered.

The Reformatics team has a successful track record of conducting FDI promotion efforts, including non-deal roadshows, international FDI promotion campaigns and events as well as investor roadshows related to Eurobond issuance or IPOs.

Georgia’s stable economic development, its liberal and free-market-oriented economic policy, a mere 6 different taxes and reduced tax rates, its reduced number of licenses and permits, its dramatically simplified administrative procedures, its preferential trade regimes with foreign countries, advantageous geographic location, well-developed and integrated transport infrastructure and its educated, skilled and competitive workforce all established a solid ground for successful business operations in Georgia.