Transport & Logistics

Acknowledging Georgia's ambition to establish itself as a key regional transportation hub, the government expressed a strong commitment to prioritize the development of the country's transport and logistics industry.
Transport and logistics development was built up on a cross-sectoral approach whereby substantial reforms were undertaken in various areas simultaneously, all facilitating development of the international transport and logistics corridor across Georgia:
  • Development of road and rail infrastructure 
  • Liberalization of civil aviation policy and air connections
  • Signature of bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements with neighbor and partner countries in road, railway, maritime and aviation sectors
  • Implementation of transport-related requirements under AA/DCFTA with the EU and harmonization of the national legislation with international standards
  • Attracting private investment in transport and logistics
  • Construction of two new international airports through a PPP scheme and the launch of a renovated international airport close to Georgia’s second-largest city, mainly servicing low-cost airlines
  • Construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars new railway line linking Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey. This international infrastructure project directly connects China / Central Asia with Europe and the rest of the World through Caucasus by railway.