Exiting the European Union Committee
       Wednesday 31 January 2018

British Parliament consults Reformatics

Tamara Kovziridze, Partner and Senior Director at Reformatics was invited to Exiting the European Union Committee of the British Parliament (House of Commons). The purpose of the visit to the UK Parliament was to share information and expertise to the MPs on the Association Agreement (AA) and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) between Georgia and the European Union.

While evaluating various possible models of EU-UK relations post Brexit, the 31st of January meeting of the Committee on Exiting the European Union was dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the association model and its strengths and weaknesses for the UK. Among other aspects, Tamara shared information to the Members of the UK Parliament on the structure and essence of the agreement, market access conditions, safety and industrial standards regulations, trade in services, dispute resolution and institutional provisions, as well as legislative approximation provisions of the AA/DCFTA. All these and other elements will be decisive in determining a suitable model of trade and economic relations between the UK and the EU.

Prior to co-founding Reformatics in 2012, in her capacity as Georgian Government official, Tamara Kovziridze led a number of key trade negotiations such as the EU-Georgia DCFTA, Turkish-Georgian FTA as well as Georgia′s negotiations on the WTO accession of the Russian Federation. 

Full video version of the meeting is available at the following link