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Managing Partner and Founder of Reformatics, Mr. Nika Gilauri, has been invited by the Government of Nigeria to participate in the Annual General Conference hosted by the Nigeria′s Bar Association (NBA) in Lagos, Nigeria. The topic of the 57th annual conference was - ″African Business: Penetrating through Institution Building″.

In his address to the audience of the conference, Mr. Gilauri focused on the key areas aimed at helping the country′s economy to rapidly recover and embark on robust economic growth. Considering the experience of successful government reforms, including in Georgia and internationally, Mr. Gilauri proposed a wide range of reform ideas and formulas, which could be implemented in Nigeria for the promotion of rapid economic development and attraction of private investment to the country. These reform proposals target areas such as increasing efficiency of state owned companies through privatization, IPOs, Eurobond issuance and PPP, anticorruption and institution building reforms and improvement of public service delivery. At the conference Mr. Gilauri also assessed the Government′s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan for 2017-2020 adopted recently by the Government of Nigeria.

Reformatics has been working with the Government of Nigeria since the beginning of 2017. Our experts assisted the GoN to undertake business environment reforms aimed at the improvement of the country’s rank in the Doing Business 2018 report yet to be published by the World Bank Group. More than 100 reform proposals were suggested by Reformatics, which were reflected in the 60-day reform plan approved by Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) Majority of short-term reform proposals have already been implemented with the assistance of Reformatics experts.