Roundtable Meeting on ADB’s New Strategy

Mr. Nika Gilauri visited Manila to discuss the draft framework of ADB′s new 2030 strategy

Managing Partner and Founder of Reformatics, Mr. Nika Gilauri, was invited by the President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, Philippines to participate in preparation of ADB′s new long-term strategy leading to 2030.

During the roundtable discussions with ADB s management and 16 high-level global economists and experts, Mr. Gilauri contributed to the development of a new strategy, vision and key directions for ADB′s future engagement with its member countries. In particular, Mr. Gilauri provided recommendations on private and financial sector development, structural and sectoral reforms, energy policy recommendations, PPP innovative models and ADB structure.

Furthermore, Mr. Gilauri presented his newly published book about Georgia′s economic transformation to ADB top management and staff. As a Key speaker at iACT and Governance Learning Event, specifically devoted to Georgia′s anti-corruption reforms, Mr. Gilauri shared Georgian experience on government reforms, rapid economic transformation and fighting against corruption.

“I believe, Georgia′s successful experience can be used in many developing countries striving to fight corruption in government and transform their economies. Through the lessons learned from Georgia′s story, ADB will be able to draw effective tools for assisting governments in the region to tackle corruption and implement need-based and result-oriented reforms successfully,” said Mr. Nika Gilauri.