Reform Recommendations by Reformatics was Highly Welcomed and Valued by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Within the framework of a consultancy project the Team of Reformatics worked with Afghanistan Government in 2016 on the issue of improving the country’s competitiveness.

The aim of the consultancy engagement in Afghanistan was to recommend reforms for a) advancing Afghanistan’s ranking in the annual Doing Business report by the WBG annually, b) establishing a government-one-stop, and c) improving electricity supply reliability and energy security.

At the closing stage of the project on 25th December, 2016 the team of Reformatics visited Kabul, Afghanistan and presented final reform recommendations at the High Economic Council chaired by the President of Afghanistan, H.E. Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

Altogether, the Reformatics experts delivered over 160 detailed reform recommendations in the three areas mentioned above. The recommendations were highly appreciated by the members of the High Economic Council and the President of the country.

Consequently, H.E. Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani instructed the government officials to start implementing reforms suggested by the Reformatics team. It was decided that a special commission will supervise the process of reform implementation and report weekly progress to the President of Afghanistan.

“I want to express my gratitude towards Mr. Nika Gilauri and his team for excellent work they have performed. I believe that the recommendations provided by the top consulting firm in these fields will positively affect further economic development of Afghanistan. We need to commence reforms that the Team of Reformatics recommended,” said the President of Afghanistan.

“In Doing Business 2017 report Afghanistan ranks 183rd out of 190 economies and thus is weakly positioned compared to its neighbors and peer South Asian countries. Our team has a big ambition to assist the Government of Afghanistan and turn the country into an attractive destination for doing business and investments. Therefore, it is highly encouraging that the Government of Afghanistan endorsed the recommended reforms and decided to embark on a reform process. Reformatics team is ready and willing to further assist the reform implementation process in Afghanistan,” said Nika Gilauri, Managing Partner of Reformatics.