Period: June 2014 onwards

Project: Improving Kazakhstan’s ranking in the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ report

Project overview
Since 2014, Reformatics has been providing consultancy services to the Kazakh government with the objective of improving the country’s DB ranking. Thanks to Reformatics’ recommendations, Kazakhstan has reformed all of the ten areas covered by the DB report.

As a result, Kazakhstan’s 2015 DB ranking improved from #77 (#53 recalculated) to #41 in 2016, and the country recorded the highest number of reforms (19) carried out by any country. Most importantly, Kazakhstan was named 2016’s ‘Best Reformer of the Year’.


Period: May 2014—December 2014

Project: Private Sector Development programme and Action Plan for 2015-2017

Project overview
Within the framework of our co-operation with the Kyrgyz Ministry of Economy, the objective of this project was to draft a Private Sector Development programme and Action Plan for the Kyrgyz government.

During our consultancy, a three-year Private Sector Development programme and Action Plan for 2015-2017 were developed and approved by the Kyrgyz government in 2015. The programme and Action Plan included up to 40 specific actions, half of which had been implemented by 2016.


Period: April 2015—December 2016

Project: Improvement of Tajikistan’s Energy Sector Operations Performance

Project overview
Within the framework of ADB-funded co-operation with ‘Corporate Solutions Consulting Ltd’, Reformatics is helping the Tajik government to improve its energy sector performance, advising on electricity sector restructuring, and preparing a roadmap for the successful transformation of the country’s energy sector into a sustainable and profitable one. Our focus is on bridging the sector’s gaps between management, technology and financing in order to address the complex initiatives that sectoral managers are currently facing in Tajikistan.

In order to meet our client’s objectives, our team designed a three-step action plan for reform which considers the privatization and management contracting of existing energy assets, the elimination of commercial losses and the adjustment of electricity tariffs.


Period: February 2016 – December 2016

Project: Improving Afghanistan’s competitiveness

Project overview
Within the framework of our consultancy project in Afghanistan, Reformatics is engaged in consulting activities related to the improvement of Afghanistan’s competitiveness, including the areas such as doing business environment, energy sector improvement, public service delivery improvement, etc.

To ensure that Reformatics delivers actionable and results-driven recommendations to the Government of Afghanistan, Reformatics conducts research activities focused on all the topics under the contract i.e. Doing Business Report topics, services provided by the Government of Afghanistan to the citizens and businesses in view of understanding the possibilities of establishing the client-centred facility (One-stop-shop), and energy supply and demand situation in the country.