Public services

During their time in office, the members of the Reformatics team actively facilitated the establishment in Georgia of a client-centred philosophy in public service delivery, transforming a bureaucrat-centred and corrupt civil service into an efficient and transparent system oriented towards the needs of citizens and businesses. With the aim of accommodating the priorities of citizens in the information age in the most efficient way possible, our team introduced Public Service Halls (PSH)–an absolutely new concept of public service delivery based on the “everything in one space” principle.

By ensuring the enduring, systemic unification of service-oriented institutions, this provided customers with a cross-enterprise “one-stop-shop” public service. Through the creation of PSHs–a “made in Georgia” product based on the country’s innovative model of service delivery–the Georgian government’s policy-makers viewed citizens as customers and perceived the benefits of applying marketing tools and strategic marketing and planning in order to “sell” policies to citizens. PSHs combined the front offices of different government units and began to deliver over 450 services in one space. All these efforts resulted in impressive international rankings which recognized and rewarded Georgia’s incredible success in public service delivery.

International recognition and rankings:

Georgia was named the winner of the 2012 UN Public Service Award for “improving service delivery”

#1 in “official documents issuance” (EBRD 2011 Life in Transition Survey)

#2 in “customer service efficiency” (ibid.)

92% of citizens satisfied with the procedures of official documents issuance (ibid.)