Jaba Ebanoidze

Jaba Ebanoidze

Mr Ebanoidze has been a member of Reformatics’ team of consultants since 2015. Before joining the firm, he worked as a top-level manager at various Georgian government agencies (2006-2012).

As the Chairman of Georgia’s Revenue Service in 2011-2012, Mr Ebanoidze co-ordinated and guided institutional reform and transformed the organizational structure of Georgia’s tax and customs agencies to make their work more flexible. He also initiated new approaches to relationships with businesses and developed a number of procedures to ease contacts between tax and customs authorities and citizens, making the agencies more customer-friendly and customer-oriented. When Chairman of Georgia’s Public Registry, Mr Ebanoidze initiated fundamental institutional, legal, administrative and technological reforms, introducing e-governance technologies for property and business registration and ensuring simple and easily-accessible services for customers.

One of the results of these ground-breaking reforms was the launching of a Georgian model of public service delivery—the Public Service Hall—which enables customers to receive free, fair and impartial, transparent and less bureaucratic public services in a single, more comfortable and more customer-oriented space. Thanks to these reforms, Georgia also scored very highly in the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ reports: in 2013, the country notably ranked #1 in terms of the ease of registering property and #7 for that of starting a business.

Mr Ebanoidze actively supported and contributed to the establishment of the ‘one-window service’ principle in various government agencies, including the Public Registry and the National Bureau of Enforcement. He also guided the drafting and implementation of strategic development plans based upon co-ordinated assessment activities, which involved analysing legal frameworks, organizational structures and procedures, the work and functions of individual structural units, material resources, technology and personnel qualifications.

Dimitri Shashkini

Dimitri Shashkini

Mr Shashkini has worked as a consultant at Reformatics since 2015. His impressive background in executive leadership is based upon an 18-year international career in the education, defence, legal, penitentiary and civilian sectors. As Georgia’s Minister of Defence, he notably supervised civilian and military personnel and managed one of the country’s largest ministerial budgets.

As Georgia’s civilian Commander-in-Chief, Mr Shashkini was responsible for Georgia’s security and defence, for keeping peace while Georgian territories continued to be occupied, for budgetary planning and allocation, building international partnerships in efforts to join NATO, and diversifying sources of funding. He was the author of the concept of ‘the three Ts’—Total Care, Total Training and Total Defence—whose aim was to enable Georgia’s armed forces to transform themselves into a modern, capable army.

Earlier, as Georgia’s Minister of Education and Science (2010-2012), Mr Shashkini successfully managed reforms in general, higher and vocational education, where he introduced many novelties and reforms to modernize Georgia’s education system. At one point, he was conducting 42 different reforms simultaneously, including improving the ‘safe school’ concept, changing the national curriculum, presenting new and updated textbooks, and creating a scheme based upon the American Peace Corps that brought over 1,500 English-speaking volunteers into Georgian public schools.

Throughout 2009, Mr Shashkini served as Georgia’s Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance, his most important accomplishments being the improvement of healthcare in prisons and the availability of free legal aid to citizens.

Prior to working for the government, Mr Shashkini worked for the US-based International Republican Institute (IRI) chaired by US Senator John McCain. As IRI’s Country Director in Georgia, the training in election campaigns and procedures he provided to political parties was vital in a transitional country like Georgia, which had just broken away from the Soviet Union and was in the process of establishing democracy with no culture of free and fair elections. While working for the American Bar Association in 1997, Mr Shashkini played an important role for judicial reform in Georgia.

Mikheil Dolidze

Dr Dolidze joined Reformatics as a consultant in 2015. He previously worked as a senior manager for different medical and healthcare organizations.

He began his professional career as a practising obstetrician and gynaecologist in 1995 before serving as a Head of Mission and Medical Co-ordinator for Médecins sans frontières (MSF, Doctors without Borders) in different European and African countries from 1999 to 2006. In 2007 and 2008, Dr Dolidze worked as a Technical Adviser for Georgia’s National HIV/AIDS and TB Country Co-ordinating Mechanism (CCM) as well as for the country’s National Council on Reproductive Health. In 2008, he became a Medical Director at Georgia’s National Medical Centre and served (until 2010) as Deputy Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, playing an active role in designing and implementing major healthcare reforms.

In 2012, Dr Dolidze moved to the private sector, working as a Senior Fellow at the Tbilisi Centre for Policy Analysis and as the Director-general of ‘Sofie Medgroup’ in Kazakhstan. Later on, Dr Dolidze was made (or appointed?) Clinical Director at ‘New Hospitals’ in Georgia and a Director of the ‘EVEX’ Medical Corporation Traumatology Hospital.

Dr Dolidze obtained his MD from Tbilisi State Medical University, and between 2000 and 2012 he also successfully completed various courses at Tbilisi State Medical University, Geneva University, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, the Athens Pasteur Institute, the Amsterdam Institute of Tropical Medicine and a number of other organizations in Europe, the United States, Japan and China.

Dr Dolidze is currently a lecturer at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) and teaches Healthcare Policy and Administration. He is fluent in English and Russian.

Vaja Petriashvili

Vaja Petriashvili

Mr Petriashvili has been a consultant at Reformatics since 2015. An expert economist with 20 years of extensive experience of working for governmental and international organizations as well as for the private and consulting sectors, Mr Petriashvili held various high-level positions in the Georgian government: Deputy Minister of Economy (2004-2005), Deputy Minister of Finance (2006-2009), Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister (2011-2012) and Adviser to the Head of the Revenue Service (2012-2014).

His responsibilities as part of the Georgian government included designing, planning and implementing numerous policies, and at various stages of his career Mr Petriashvili was notably responsible for formulating macroeconomic, tax and customs policies.

As a Deputy Minister of Finance and Head of the Tax Department, Mr Petriashvili initiated comprehensive and internationally acclaimed reforms—including the development of a new and progressive Tax and Customs Codes and the implementation of relevant regulations. He was one of the key figures advocating reform to Georgia’s Parliament and the general public.

Besides being a consultant at Reformatics, Mr Petriashvili currently also works as a tax advisor to the General Director of Liberty Bank, one of Georgia’s largest banks, where he advises on tax and tax compliance issues. Mr Petriashvili is also Senior Tax Manager at ‘ATA Partners’, where his duties include providing tax advice and tax audit services to various companies.

As a member of the Reformatics team, Mr Petriashvili has worked with the governments of Eastern and Central Europe on tax and budgetary policy reforms, and has been comprehensively involved at different stages in various projects being carried out by Deloitte Consulting.

Mr Petriashvili obtained his BA in Macroeconomics from Tbilisi State University and his MA in International Development Policy and International Taxation Policy from Duke University (USA). He is fluent in (both) English and Russian.