PPP and Privatization

Our consultants can provide high-quality advisory services thanks to Reformatics’ detailed understanding of the complexities involved in transactions, financing and policy in public-private partnerships. Aiming to offer high-end advisory services to our clients, we design PPP frameworks, ranging from advising on how to raise funds for projects to procuring private sector partners for public sector clients. In collaboration with our partners, we can deliver outstanding solutions for a wide variety of projects such as funding for building or upgrading road or railway transport networks or for the modernization or construction of housing, educational institutions and hospitals.

The advice we provide in this area focuses on increasing the efficiency of privatization processes through a range of procedural and legal measures, with the ultimate goal of privatizing state-owned assets in a sustainable manner while at the same time maximizing revenue.

The services Reformatics offers in this area notably include:

Designing PPP schemes

Privatization reform

Improving public tendering process and procedures, including e-auctions and e-privatization