Attracting FDI and managing investor relations

Using our team’s practical experience of FDI promotion and investor relations, Reformatics helps its clients to set medium and long-term priorities, to design clear and actionable investment attraction policies, to streamline investment relations procedures and practices, and to promote reform agendas at economy-wide and sectoral levels.

The aim of these activities is to attract, facilitate, retain and link FDI efficiently with the domestic economy. We advise clients on the design of investment promotion policies and the planning of investment attraction measures, including the branding of countries as investment-friendly destinations as well as developing targeted, sectoral and single investor-oriented approaches aimed at increasing the inflow of FDI.

More specifically, our client services in this area include :

Analytical, needs and gap analysis

Investment promotion strategies

Country promotion and branding approaches

Investment road-shows and forums

Non-deal road-shows